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road trip

Road trip is my first series that I have "planned" to paint. Three canvases representing a panoramic view are united by circles.

This year I had a chance to enroll a mindfulness class given by our lab manager Silke and in one of the exercises we were raising our arms, uniting them together on top of our heads just like drawing a circle. It was also like gathering energy from the universe and being united with it. After that class, I started to paint circles. And the feeling I felt was so peaceful afterwards.

I painted six of them, one day hopefully they will find their homes.

In these paintings, I tried different mediums, oil sticks, gesso and texture.

Painting three canvases together gives me such a beautiful feeling and energy. I also used paint dripping, similar to “gravity” paintings, but more intensely, especially on the farm or land parts of the paintings.

If you are interested hearing more about mindfulness, Silke has a great website:

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