I am a self-thought artist and actually trained as a scientist.

In 2016, I started to paint rigorously to re-charge myself so that I can work in lab efficiently and maintain my focus on my experiments.

Painting became my explorative science; I created through experimentation. I tried different mediums, experimented with different colors, techniques, brushes – any kinds of material I found. If a medium says, “do not mix with oils” I did. I used most of the time oils and sometimes acrylics, painted with gesso on oil paintings.


My latest series is called "your turn". These are abstract floral paintings which I used my my fingers instead of brush. Each painting comes with another, smaller painting that is magnetic and can hold on to the bigger painting. The composition of the painting will be shaped depending on where the smaller painting is placed. This provides multiple paintings as well as calling people to be a part of the artistic creative process.

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Photograph by Peter Walter.

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